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Provoking Change    

Generations to come will ask:

“What did it take to change? How did we manage to avoid disaster and create a better world?”

If you want to position yourself at the forefront of the green and socially responsible movement — the movement that will be responsible for creating a better world for future generations — then every member of your family, organization or business needs to begin to act as a socially responsible person.

But people today are confused about what that means, and about what’s expected from them.

We hear daily news reports about pollution, looming environmental disasters and avoidable human suffering, to name just a few examples. At the same time, advertising pummels us with the idea that “more” is better and that success and happiness come from material possessions.

What we’re not being told, unfortunately, is that “eco” living that improves our planet does not mean “deprived” or “stark” living.

This is why practical solutions, a positive approach and plenty of humor are at the heart of Provokare presentations.

You will learn that being at the forefront of the socially responsible movement is a lot easier than you may think, and that the key to provoking change is inspiring people to act.


“Roberto is entertaining, thought provoking, enlivening and inspiring. He is a master at blending humor and insight into a motivational talk that will leave you informed and energized."

-J. Mollers





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